While we may have completed countless transactions of this nature,
we understand you may not have.

So we'll be behind you, every step of the way

STEP 1: Learning about each other

Our initial meetings will not only be a 'getting-to-know-you' experience but will also give you the opportunity to evaluate our approach based on your ultimate goals, objectives and expectations. We will take as much time as is necessary to understand your objectives and justify the strategy we recommend to you. Importantly, we will alert you to any possible risks that may be encountered during the process. Remember, we will be acting on your behalf so our best advice is given with knowledge of all the facts. Our task is to realise the most advantageous price for your business and exit terms for you - which can only happen if we place the utmost faith and confidence in each other.

STEP 2: Establishing the asking price

Setting a realistic and attainable price is only achieved by a thorough and all-encompassing valuation of your business. To us, this is a most integral part of the process. Without a business valuation you will not initially be in a position to confirm whether your price expectations are realistic, and later down the track, whether offers received are worthy of consideration. The business valuation process will result in an asking price that is realistic and able to withstand scrutiny and challenge during negotiations and due diligence.

STEP 3: Structuring the sale process

You want to do it right, first time. It is crucial the deal completes. You want a short and focused process, keeping it on a “need to know only” basis and otherwise confidential from employees, customers and suppliers. Once a value has been determined and agreed upon, we will advise on the optimal business sale process and strategy. There are many factors to take into account, such as: when and what to tell your staff, the steps that need to be undertaken to prepare the business for sale, what information prospective purchasers will expect to receive, measures to be put in place to ensure confidentiality, how offers should be structured, and how to prepare for due diligence. We actively manage the process by instituting controls and procedures, at all times respecting and guarding the confidentiality of your situation and protecting the goodwill of the business.

STEP 4: Wrapping it all up

We will drive the deal home and ensure that the deal we’ve negotiated is satisfactorily documented by a competent commercial lawyer, such that your interests are well protected.  Our task ends when your exit strategy has been realised and you open a new chapter in your life.